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Plans and Pricing


Payment Plans are dependent on the deal and the need of the customer. Recurring services will have a monthly rate will some services having an upfront cost. One-time services can also be broken up into monthly payments and or be paid in full at the time of purchase. With package deals with multiple services the payment frequency will be dependent on the services purchased. Here at Highest Branch we work with you to get a payment plan that works with your budget and ensure you an enjoyable partnership.


Prices are dependent on the service(s) purchased as well as the tier that is purchased. Each service has its own range of levels from Entry up to Deluxe. We offer a large range of service options to provide businesses with the ability to customize their own portfolio of services to achieve their goals. Larger package deals will come with discounted prices of the individual services as well as longer term deals coming with reduced prices. All payments are made paperless via PayPal. Access our PayPal via the link below or the PayPal icon on the site.

Member Incentives

Here at Highest Branch Agency, we value our loyal customers and try to give back to them as our way of saying thank you. Every year of partnership we offer a FREE MONTH of services as an anniversary gift with the company! We also offer a referral incentive when you direct us to a new partner! Each new partner is 5% OFF of your monthly price! Special Holiday and Seasonal promotions are also offered to our clients of over a year! Reach out now to start your journey with us!

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